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City of Night with John Lydon podcast

I was honored to be visited in the KCSN studio this week by John Lydon of PiL (Johnny Rotten). This is the entire 2 hour broadcast presented in two separate one hour podcasts. The full playlist can be viewed HERE. Enjoy, Mr. Shovel

Don’t miss the second hour, it’s quite amusing. Lydon goes on about Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend and Neil Young among other things.  

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John Lydon soliciting Cash for KCSN - “Oh my God!!! I’m on a promo!!!”
Hear the rest Saturday 8-10pm. 88.5KCSN

Mr. Shovel is joined by John Lydon (Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols) for a special edition of City of Night featuring 2 hours of Lydon, PIL and Pistols. Here’s an amusing short clip of Lydon soliciting Cash for KCSN. The show will air on 88.5 KCSN this coming Saturday (5/19/12) 8-10pm Pacific. (

We lost another legend today.

Levon Helm of The Band will always be remembered by the songs and performances he left us. This version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (with it’s powerful horn arrangements and vocals by drummer Helm) was immortalized in the Martin Scorsese film “The Last Waltz” which documents the final performance of The Band.

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